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Anchor Sight Setup Tutorial

Welcome to Archery Innovation- We're excited to announce Archery Innovations has been recently acquired by new owners! Look forward to a relaunch of our products soon!

Our goal is to assist in your understanding of our award-winning product: how it works, why it works, and the reasons our customers are so successful in the field and on the range using our technology. After reading the testimonials given by our Satisfied Customers you will wonder…why isn’t this product on everyone’s bow if it’s that good? The answer is; for the same reason it’s not on yours… the concept is new and not easily understood until you try it. Nothing compares to the Anchor Sight’s capabilities for teaching you to shoot accurately, more naturally and confidently. Getting rid of the Peep sight will make you a better hunter. The Anchor Sight has built-in technology developed and patented by an avid archer and Hunter. After years of trial and error testing, in all hunting environments, the end product evolved into a new beginning for the dedicated hunter. The visual advantage is amazing. It has all the features built into its system and was designed for the hunter, including the durability, reliability and the adjustment capability needed. You will be amazed how the Anchor Sight holds you to the correct form when shooting from a tree stand and how great it is to have the freedom of full target vision and the added shooting time in the evening hours. Freedom from that pesky peep sight makes shooting more natural, faster and more accurate in the Real Hunter’s world.