What is Anchor Sight?

Welcome to Archery Innovation, home of the Anchor Sight since 2003. Our goal is to assist in your understanding of our award-winning product, how it works, why it works and the reasons our customers are so successful in the field and on the range using our technology.

The Anchor Sight is a scope you look into through a magnifying lens to view a display which consists of tiny characters printed on a Glow disc. The characters are dashes and spaces, which form a cross similar to a rifle scope. Because the scope is attached to the ridged part of the bow (not the string) you are actually watching a highly magnified movement of the bow and arrow.

Eliminate the use of a peep sight and start being able to identify and correct the errors you are making before the shot is released. Nothing compares to the Anchor Sight’s capabilities for teaching you how to shoot better, more consistently, more naturally and more confidently.

Identify & Correct Shooting Errors Before Release!
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