Why is the Anchor Sight better than a peep sight?

The Anchor Sight is better in every respect.  First, it adds stability, as it’s attached to the ridged part of your bow.  The invisible sight line it projects makes your eye become the rear sight giving you maximum distance between your eye and front sight, a key to accuracy.  Plus, the sensitivity is adjustable. You can adjust the sensitivity of a peep only by changing the peep size which means pressing your bow, etc. The Anchor Sight is better in low light and offers a full-spectrum view of your target in all lighting conditions.  It allows you to choose the anchor point that feels right for you and one that is conducive to best form. If you sight-in with perfect form, it’s very difficult to shoot any other way.  Due to the magnification, all aspects regarding torque or other shooting issues readily become apparent, which gives you the opportunity to become a better shooter by seeing and reacting to errors before the shot is released.