Just how much does torque affect the shot?

With the exception of just plain bad shooting, torque is the number one reason for inaccuracy and it creeps into our lives silently and invisibly. The only time we don’t worry much about it is when we shoot at the range like a bunch of robots. Taking great care to place our feet in exactly the same place and all the rest of the highly practiced shot process. When we do this we achieve almost perfect form and great accuracy.

Take us out of that environment and we don’t fair so well. Maybe you have to twist at the waist or lean down and you may be excited so you unknowingly grip the bow handle a little differently. Your anchor point doesn’t feel right, you seem a bit hunched up and your string is pressing into your face more than it should. Your head seems to be leaning over farther to see through the peep! There you are, you have the shot… but you know you are out of sorts and have no confidence you should even take the shot.

You have the peep lined up with the front sight and the animal so how could you miss the mark?…Torque my friend. Do whatever you can to cheat torque because you can’t fight something you can’t see.