I have shot right handed, but have become left eye dominate. Is it possible to use this system with this problem?

Yes, it is possible to use the AS. with you left eye and we have a few that do just that. There are issues that you will encounter however and they are: You need to get your left eye as close to the string as possible because you need to move your front pins out the same distance your eye is off the string plus the 1/8 th inch to compensate for our frame thickness. You can test this before you buy by simply shooting your bow using your left eye and move your front pin out to get arrows on target. Once you have gotten sighted in and have your arrows on target, then you will need another 1/8 th inch outward with your front pin. If you can get enough windage (out) on your pins and shoot arrow groups on target you will be able to use the AS.