I don’t understand exactly what the change will be or feel like not using a peep. Is there a way to better understand before I buy one? I really like the idea.

If you have ever shot a recurve bow, you did not have your eye behind the string; and you came back to a natural anchor point.  You can shoot exactly the same way with your compound bow, and I recommend that you do just that.  Once you get comfortable with the anchor point you have chosen, you can glance at your level bubble then make the shot.  With an Anchor Sight, it’s the same process.  You glance at the Anchor Sight and make the shot.  There is no need to look at your level bubble, as the Anchor Sight gives you that information as well.

If your bow was set up with a peep, the draw length was dictated, to a large extent, for the best placement of the peep in relation to your eye.  Having to place your eye in a position dictated by the peep is not a natural anchor point for most.

If you want to see what it feels like using the Anchor Sight just start shooting without using your peep and use the anchor point you come to naturally.  Sight in your bow and shoot until you are totally comfortable with your new anchor point/eye position.  When you get the Anchor Sight, you line it up to that exact same eye position. This is easily done by using the micro-adjustments until your arrows are again on-target. This means your eye is now positioned exactly where it was when you first sighted in.

I have discovered that the anchor location is not that important when using the Anchor Sight.  If you have your eye positioned so the dot is centered, you don’t apply torque on the bow, and get off a flawless release, you will hit what you aim at.  It is as accurate as you can shoot; this has been demonstrated time and again.

One more point I should make is that a target shooter repeating the same shot at the same distance will get as good with a peep as anything else because of the robotic repetition.  The same would be true if using the Anchor Sight shooting targets.  Where the Anchor Sight will benefit the most is for hunting/3D shooting where the environment tends to fluctuate.  When you start feeling fatigue in the later rounds, you can get totally lost with a peep.  When you get even a little twisted up in a hunting situation and you grip the bow differently, the Anchor Sight will give you instant information to help you correct before the shot is released.  This is the Anchor Sight difference!