What are the advantages of using an Anchor Sight?

The simple answer to your question is; you sight the Anchor Sight to line up to your eye position when at your preferred natural anchor point. To get a better idea of this, start shooting your bow not using your peep sight until you determine your best anchor point. When not using the peep you will see the immediate advantage of having an open field of view to your target. Once you have discovered your preferred anchor point you simply line up the dot in the circle of the Anchor Sight to that exact eye position, lock it down and you are finished. You use your own front sight pin/pins to aim at the target and have an unobstructed view to your target. A quick check of your eye alignment will assure you of an accurate shot, provided you execute the shot properly, and the Anchor Sight will help you learn how to execute the shot because of the feedback it provides. You will see an increase in consistency/accuracy in the field, especially when shooting from a tree stand or any awkward position you may find yourself when hunting. It also adds precious minutes to evening hunting hours.