So you don’t think that something on the string would help getting to the same anchor each time?

No, anchoring the same is seldom the problem, it’s torquing the bow handle. Some say that the Anchor Sight and String Slitter is the most accurate system you can have but most will tell you it is simply redundant. If you are looking through the string and the Anchor sight is not lined up, which are you going to move to get lined up? Not the String Splitter because you must be torquing the bow grip. If you don’t torque the bow (which the Anchor Sight is showing) and align the dot in the circle of the AS… the String Splitter becomes irrelevant because your eye is in the correct position already. If you only use a peep and torque the bow you won’t even see the torque. Having something on the string may help you correct your bow grip if you practice with the Anchor sight but I think the best thing to do is practice your grip until you no longer torque the bow and allow your string to be free of anything.