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Chad’s testimonial

My name is Chad McCook. I spoke with you way back in 2007 when I first tried your awesome product and threw my peep away for good, since then I have shot several great bucks. I realized since 2007 I’ve turned dozens of hunters onto your anchor but I’ve never stopped again to say thanks for producing such a quality piece of equipment that never lets me down. I’m buying a new bow this week and will be purchasing another anchor, (probably my 6th or 7th one over the years). Anyway thanks again, here is a picture of a good buck I got early season last year.


Chad FullSizeRender (7)Chad

Archery Talk forum

You should give the Anchor Sight a try, I used to use a kisser for reference as well but the AS rocks!!! Going to stick to that story hands down for a long time. Peepless is great but the assurance that the AS gives you is phenomenal. Plus it can tell you far more about your form in 5 minutesĀ than a coach can tell you in a month.

Anchor Sight user here also, best thing I have put on my bow! It really helps you keep your form when shooting from an elevated position. Plus it gives you that open field of view and a lot more available light in those first and last minutes of legal hunting time. No peep for me!

I no longer use a peep, I switched due to needing to wear glasses full time and not being able to get “comfortable” behind the peep.

I shot peepless about 4 months and then tried the anchor sight. Now that I have that it is the nail in the coffin on this subject for me.

If I ever feel that I am not right, one glance to the Anchor Sight and I am assured that I am either right on or right off. It has helped me confidence wise more than most products I have used in my life. PEEPLESS For LIFE!!!!! Viva la peepless.