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March 1, 2018

Like several others who have left their reviews I no longer have my youthful eyesight. I started researching for alternatives to help me with some sort of solution. I had never thought about shooting without a peep sight, or even heard of it. Shooting without a peep, unbelievableā€¦so I thought..!!! Well needless to say I found the Anchor Sight and some other alternatives, during my searches. But the Anchor Sight just kept peaking my interest. Finally after gathering as much information online that I was able to acquire, I went straight to the source. After many communications with Lynn that ended with a phone call, I made a purchase. It turned out to be the best purchase that I could have made. I set it up as the directions stated. Then after making some adjustments on my sight and then tweaking the Anchor Sight some, I started working on getting it zeroed in on the target. Shot a few groups with it, arrows were touching each other. Not quite zeroed yet, made another adjustment. Shot again to get a group started and on my second shot, I “Robin Hooded ” the 1st arrow…!!! Needless to say it made this 61 year old archer feel like a kid on Christmas Day..!!! I had to make one more adjustment to get it zeroed, but I still cannot get over how tight my groups are now. I don’t ever remember shooting groups this tight with a peep sight. This product and Lynn at Archery Innovations are awesome…!!! Great product and I recommend it 100%… throw the peep sight away…!!!