Features & Benefits

The Anchor Sight is produced and assembled in the United States.  It is built for the hunter and 3-D tournament competitor with award-winning accuracy as well as field-proven durability and performance. US patent pending.


  • 1-Inch Diameter Lens
  • Background w/Glow-In-The-Dark Visual
  • Solid Block CNC Aluminum Housing
  • Adjustable Power for Sight Sensitivity
  • Multi-Use Background Reticle
  • Polycarbonate Sight Tube
  • Gross and Fine Adjustment Capability
  • Universal Aluminum Frame
  • Award-Winning Accuracy
  • Parts can be ordered separately


  • Eliminates the peep sight
  • Keep your own sight pins
  • Keep your slider-type sight
  • Open your field of view to the target
  • Acquire your target faster
  • Gain precious moments in low light
  • You can compete and win 3-D tournaments not using a peep sight with award-winning accuracy
  • Solve sight vision problems
  • Shoot more comfortably with or without glasses
  • Eliminates the bow press for installing, or adjusting a peep sight
  • See errors magnified 6x and correct your form before release
  • Hunt in low light with confidence