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KS Canadian Nationals winner

KS Bowtech Instagram post… There are many smaller companies in the archery business that come up with some ‘one in a million ideas. Some are gimmicky… some are genius.

I have been using the Anchor Sight on my bows for many years. I have placed at many shoots and won two Canadian Nationals in MBR while using it. It has helped me maintain consistent Anchor and control and actually see the torque in my grip real time. It can be used both with and without a peep equally well. I also use it on my hunting bow to help maintain form from a variety of field positions.

Kris of Canada

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  • You should give the Anchor Sight a try, I used to use a kisser for reference as well but the AS rocks!!! Going to stick to that story hands down for a long time. Peepless is great but the assurance that the AS gives you is phenomenal. Plus it can tell you far more about your form in 5 minutes than a coach can tell you in a month.
  • Anchor Sight user here also, best thing I have put on my bow! It really helps you keep your form when shooting from an elevated position. Plus it gives you that open field of view and a lot more available light in those first and last minutes of legal hunting time. No peep for me!
  • I no longer use a peep, I switched due to needing to wear glasses full time and not being able to get “comfortable” behind the peep.
  • I shot peepless about 4 months and then tried the anchor sight. Now that I have that it is the nail in the coffin on this subject for me.
  • If I ever feel that I am not right, one glance to the Anchor Sight and I am assured that I am either right on or right off. It has helped me confidence wise more than most products I have used in my life. PEEPLESS For LIFE!!!!! Viva la peepless.

    Low light shooting at it’s best!