Just an update. I know you get testimonial after testimonial, but here’s one you may not have heard. I loved my Bowtech Captain, but I just couldn’t get it to work with my Anchor Sight. Well, one of them had to go and you can bet it wasn’t the Anchor Sight! Sold the Captain, got an Elite and all is well!! I know at one time I bought a blemish from you and it is still in service, now on my nephew’s bow. He won’t give it back so I need one for my back up bow. Thanks as always for your time and your innovation.

Steve – WA

Hi Lynn, as I said earlier, I do love my Anchor Sight and can’t see myself shooting any other system that is currently available. I started out about 6 years ago, with the peep system that the retailer set me up with. I could tell right off that these old eyes didn’t like the peep when shooting in low light. I started looking for options. Tried the peep eliminator that has a V sight like the rear sight on a rifle. I was never able to shoot this system very accurately. Then I tried the Hind Sight. It was better, and I killed my first archery deer with it, but I still couldn’t get the kind of consistent accuracy I was looking for, and a lot of the target was obscured by the cross-hairs. I then found the Anchor Sight and decided to give it a try. It was pretty simple to set up, and just seemed like a much more natural feel with my anchor set where it felt the most natural and repeatable to me. I’ve been shooting it for 4 or 5 years now and I think it’s at least as accurate as a peep. I took a lot of flack from my hunting buddy’s and almost everyone at the pro shop and 3d range, telling me that if I really wanted to be a good archer I needed to put a peep sight on my bow. They don’t say that anymore. I’m not the greatest archer around, but in 5 seasons, I’ve killed 3 deer and 3 elk. Placed in about a dozen 3d tournaments with 5 firsts, including the Washington State, senior freestyle championship for WSAA this year. A few of the guys I shoot with hold various state records and I’ve beaten them all at one time or another. They no longer flip me crap about my Anchor Sight.

Jim – GA

I have been shooting with an AS for 6 years. My accuracy in the field improved dramatically. I am comfortable out to 50 yrds, and shot a buck last year at 49 yrds. I had bow torque issues when shooting a peep in hunting situations that are now a thing of the past.

Wayne – NC

I purchased an AS last year to FINALLY get ride of my peep. Not only did I accomplish the flushing of the peep, but the by product was better shooting form and 10 to 15 minutes extra shooting light. I plan on buying one for my 14 year old soon. Great product!!

Rob – OK

I can say it has helped me! So much that I bought two, one as back up. I’m right handed but left eye dominant. I still have to close my left eye but I anchor in the same place constantly and my groups are much tighter.

Bruce Hoover

The archery anchor sight has been a dream come true for me. I have been struggling for the past several years with aging eyes and have lost several opportunities shooting nice bucks because I could not see thru my peep sight. I knew I had to do something or lose those early morning and late evening shots. I wear glasses or contacts but when I go into the woods it seems the glasses or contacts appear foggy or blurred and I do not see clearly with them on. I have trouble shooting with glasses or contacts in as well. I installed this anchor sight on my bow and now I can shoot right at daylight or dark without any problems at all. I recommend any one with those types of problems to try this sight and you will be amazed how well it works. I would like to thank Lynn Asher for this wonderful invention and I hope this will help all of you with aging eyes the way it has helped me.

David Tourville – TN

Installed my anchor sight to a hoyt alphaburner with a 5 pin hog it sight. This is the product I have been dreaming about. A great tool for low light and it also made the bow quieter and quicker. After shooting I can also tell it is much easier on the string. I have always been a good shot but this will show any imperfections in my grip or my anchor therefor making me a better archer. This is a great product, it is no gimmick like a lot other junk on the market for bows. I will also be ordering another one for my denalin. My only regret is not trying this product sooner in life. Thank you for a wonderful product. GOODBYE TO PEEPS FOREVER!!!!!!!


Wanted to know if you guys would replace the 6 carbon express arrows I have robin hooded at 20 to 40 yds due to your sight. I can finally shoot these short bows as accurate as my 42 inch target bow. You have a customer for life here. Just kidding on replacing arrows can’t say enough about your product! I did shoot 176 whitetail and 2 turkeys so far with it on bow. Thanks.

Lisa – TN

Purchased for husband since he had problems seeing thru the peep sight. We weren’t sure what the result would be at time of purchase. But I have to say every avid bowhunter should have this item. I don’t understand why this isn’t carried by major outdoorsmen stores. He is thrilled by his accuracy when target shooting. It took very little time to install. Getting adjusted to the Anchor Sight was easy. Today I purchased another one for a friend that doesn’t have internet access. Also, numerous people have asked about it and we have recommended to many people we both know as bowhunters. You will probably be having some more orders from this area soon now. Thank you for an awesome product well worth the purchase price. Now there are no excuses. 😉 Maybe he will bring home a trophy this year!

Goeff – Australia

I’d like to tell everyone not to worry about setting up this sight. My procedure is, I put the sight on, hold bow at arm’s length and get an approximate staring point setting. Go down to the range, close my eyes, draw and get my natural anchor. Open my eyes, look at the Anchor Sight and see where the dot is. Let down and make adjustment, repeat. When you get very close start to use the micro screws. I’ve now set this sight a half a dozen times or more, and it hasn’t taken me more than 5 or 10 minutes to set each time. It is easier than setting a peep sight. AND the groupings a much better! That’s all I wanted to say. It’s a brilliant product. Oh, and the bow speed, it’s alarmingly faster with the peep out. Getting the target, it’s just natural, no struggle or stress at all.