I seem to be having a little trouble with my Anchor Sight that I hope you can help me with. Recently I’ve been having trouble with left and right hits, mostly right and it has me wondering. Say that when you anchor the bubble is off to the left or right. You can torque the bow to get the bubble to where it is supposed to be. My question is how do you know when you are anchored correctly or when you are not anchored correctly but you are torqing the bow instead?

Welcome to the art of archery and this is an interesting question because you will do exactly the same thing with a peep sight and not know for sure what is causing the errant shots. The Anchor Sight shows you what is happening with your shot . Yes, you can torque the bow to center the dot or change eye position to center the dot, but that’s not what you want to do. With what the Anchor Sight is showing, you learn how important the bow grip is and how critical it is not to apply any torque. The problem is not with the Anchor Sight because it is a constant, it a simple matter of you correcting your form and letting the Anchor Sight help you through that process.

The Anchor Sight can be the bearer of bad news…’You have a form problem’. Don’t blame the messenger, use the information to correct yourself.

There is a great video called ‘Get a grip’ by Larry Wise. Type this into any search engine and you will find the video. This video can help anyone with a torque issue.