Although it’s well-made it isn’t water proof. I hunt in some harsh weather conditions and I worry about the possibility of water getting into the sight causing fogging or pooling in the bottom of the cylinder and obscuring the picture of the reticule and circle.

Again, this is one of those questions that force one to say, ‘yes it could happen’, so it becomes an issue. If I were to purchase a peep sight, I could ask the same question; What happen if water or a snow flake gets in the hole when I’m at full draw? Who ever is selling the peep would have to respond with ‘Yes that Could happen’… Then you begin to think of all the possibilities that could occur with the peep; What if it rotates, What if I can’t see through if because of low light or rain etc.So do you walk away thinking maybe I should not use a peep? If this is really a concern you may want to consider using a String Splitter with the AS… I have been out in the rain many times and have never seen where rain made the AS unusable, just don’t wipe the lens with your finger because the oil from you hand will smear the lens. One other thing should be mentioned and that is, if you hunt in the rain you had better make a perfect shot because you will have no blood trial.